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  Selling a pigeon

I want to make this safe and easy for everyone. If you have any suggestions I welcome them. With all of the scams going strong on the internet I have decided on the following method: If you want to talk to me on the phone - email me and I will email you back with my cel phone number.

 To sell a pigeon please email us a nice clear picture. We can correct the size and resolution for you. You can take the picture with a digital camera or you cel phone and email it to TIP: A good picture of the bird will help you sell him. A bad picture will not sell your bird. Also include the following info with your picture:

* Age and sex of the bird * price you want for the bird

* Include your name and phone number, Not for the add but so I can contact you.

** any useful information such as awards won, parents awards, demeanor of the bird or any other info that would interest the buyer.

* Be honest about the information. Remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


We are offering to sell your pigeon for free at this time. We may charge a commission for sales in the future, so take advantage now of the free selling.
We will collect the payment for you and guarantee the payment. When funds are clear we will then give you the OK to ship the birds. When the birds arrive and delivery is confirmed we will deliver the funds to you via Paypal. Paypal does charge a fee. sign up for a paypal account if you don't have one. If you do not want a paypal account we can mail you a check. We are doing the payments this way for the security of the seller and buyer.

You must ship in an approved container through the US postal service. If you have never mailed a bird before let me tell you it is easy. I was nervous about it the first time but was shocked at how easy it is. I just packed the bird up and walked into the post office and 5 minutes later I was done.
Please keep the tracking number and email it to us so we can determine that the bird was received by the buyer.
you can purchase a box from one of the many pigeon supply companies.  Global
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