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You can buy and sell your Fancy pigeons on this page. To sell a pigeon visit the selling pigeons page. To buy a pigeon just click on the add to cart button. Be sure to add the shipping by clicking on the appropriate button below and adding it to the cart. Shipping includes a box specially designed and approved for the US post office. These boxes are costly but are required in order to ship your fancy to you. We recommend Paypal in order to protect the buyer and seller from fraudulent scams. To pay with a check or money order please contact us.
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American Show Racer1438 American Show Racer Black born in 2010

This solid black ASR is a cock. He is a large male. He is very tame and beautiful to look at.



Show Racing homer2202 SHow Racing Homer Hen 2010

This is not an American show racer this is a Show Racing Homer. She is a nice Blue Bar hen. She is very tame and doesn't mind being picked up. She is a good breeder. This shoe quality pigeon is the last Show homer in my loft.

45.00     SOLD




Racing Pigeon for sale2897 American Show Racer Hen 2010

This is a perfect Blue Check ASR hen. Put her in a show or breed from her. She is very large and is a good breeder.

45.00 SOLD


ASR for sale2899 Choclate Chip American Show Racer born July 2011

This ASR is Probably a cock, he is too young to guarantee his sex. Nice large chocolate comes from show stock. This bird is A+ quality with no flaws. He is very tame.

45.00    SOLD


  Racing pigeons2648 Slate American Show Racer born in 2007

This Slate colored ASR is a rare color. He is slate with no bar. Very big pigeon with a huge head. He is moulting in this picture so you can imagine how nice this pigeon looks.

45.00       SOLD











ASR pigeon2478 American Show Racer born in 2010

This Blue Check cock is a nice show quality pigeon. he is super large and is colored nicely. Very good breeder.










 American Show Racer2896 Red American Show Racer born July 2011

This young ASR comes from show quality lines. Not sure of the sex but I would guess her to be a hen. Too young to be sure. She is a good large size. She has one flaw, her upper beak is too long and hooks to the side of the lower. She will make a great breeder. She is very tame.



bc asr pigeons2899 Dark Check American Show Racer born in 2010

This dark check Hen is the mate to the Blue Check above .2478. She is a large hen and is a god breeder.



 American Show racer for sale2010 American Show Racer Baby

This baby ASR is weaned and ready to fly at your loft. He is show quality and has been confirmed by another breeder as show quality. Not sure of the sex because he is so young.  50.00



Saddle Homing pigeons for sale2 saddle homer babies born August 2011

these 2 babies are almost weaned and will be ready to mail out next week. These are the actual parents of the babies so you can see what they look like. One baby is a light cream saddle and the other is a red ash saddle. They are both banded with 2011 AU race club bands.

45.00 each


 chinese owl

 Black Chinese Owl cock for sale. Show quality. Picture is the actual bird for sale. 20.00
I also have Komona Tumblers 30.00 pair
Budapests also.

Seller JP.
   Contact Jimmy bluechecker@bellsouth.net

 Blad Head RollerHen AvailableBaldy                                                                 Cock Available


 Balde headed roller cockCock AvailableBald Cock                                                       Cock Available



 Starling pigeon for salePair of 2008 starlings cock and a hen

These Starlings were born in 2008. A cock and a hen. Pictures are actual birds for sale. 75.00 for the pair. owner TG    SOLD


Starling pigeon

 Saddle homers1831 and 1827 Red saddle Homers

1831 and 1827 are a pair of red saddle homers banded with 2010 AU club bands. These youngsters will be weaned and ready to ship by 3/15 but don't wait BUY THEM NOW! 60.00 for both. seller



 white homing pigeon for sale814 White cock born Jan 2010

This pure white homer is probably 90% a cock but too young to be 100% positive. He would make a good match to the hen below. This bird is banded. He is also marked with a red paint spot on his chest and tail to identify him. Paint spot wears off. He has never flown outside 30.00 seller


 Grizzle chinese owl for saleGrizzle Chinese Owl hen

Grizzle owl hen for sale. Picture is actual bird for sale. seller JPG.


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 Bronze tippler for saleBronze Tippler pair born in 2009 both

tipplerHere are a pair of bronze tipplrs for sale. A cock and a hen. Both are banded 2009 birds, 65.00 for the pair. seller


 Show Racing homersPair of show racing homers 2009 birds

Here is a pair of 2009 show racing homers. a cock and a hen. These birds are out of Connett's show birds. See results of his show birds.

 Shipping for 1 to 2 birds 50.00


 Shipping for 3 to 4 birds 65.00 

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