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This is the website for buying and selling Fancy Pigeons. You can sell you birds here or browse through the many fancies to add to your loft. Pouters, Modenas, Tipplers, Tumblers, Rollers, Fantails, Show Racer Homers, Owls, Satinettes, Frills, Utillities, Jacobin, Dragoon, Helmet, King, Runt, and Short Faces - are some of the many breeds you can find here. Connect to whole US and find show quality fancy breeds.

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The fancy pigeon is the result of breeding for size shape and color. The opposite of natural selection is human selection.  Darwin used the fancy pigeon to give examples of human selection. Pigeons are descendants of the originally created Rock Dove or Rock Pigeon. They have evolved through natural selections and human selections into their present day variations. The many varieties are displayed at shows, fairs, clubs and other live stock exhibitions.
 The hobby of keeping pigeons is growing creating a demand for quality birds. The sport of racing homing pigeons along with keeping other performance and fancy pigeons has become profitable for breeders. With the advent of the world wide web fanciers can connect with each other like never before.

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 Keeping fancy pigeons is an exciting hobby

Getting into the hobby is a simple as providing them a home. Caring for your pigeons involves housing and feeding. Domestic pigeons are relatively free from disease but do need medications when they get sick. Much like when you get a cold and you will take some cold medication to alleviate the symptoms. See the health page for more.. The more pigeons a fancier keeps the more health becomes an issue. Birds like other organisms, can give each other viral and bacterial infections.
The Loft can be as simple as a bird house for a single fancy pigeon or a condominium for 1000 birds.  The more birds a fancier keeps the more the hobby becomes a job. I recommend starting small with just a couple of birds and taking it slowly when growing your flock. The loft should be secure to protect your fancy pigeons and keep out unwanted predators such as cats, raccoons, hawks, and children. Your loft should be dry so that harmful bacteria can't grow and affect you birds. More on the pigeon loft...

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